9:30am Emma - All Level Vinyasa 1&2

4:15pmWendi - Stetch and Flow 1&2

7pm Emma - Slow Flow 1

8:15pm Wendi - All level Vinyasa 1&2


9:30am Heather - Slow Flow 1

11am Brigitte - Senior Movement 

(preregistration required)

4 wks

5:15pm Emma / Whitnney -  Slow Flow 

7pm Emma - HIIT Yoga 1&2

8:15pm Dana / Brigitte - Gentle Flow


9:30am Emma - Power Play 2

10:45am Kelly - Slow Flow 1

4:15pm Jacqueline - Mindful Movement 

7pm Maria - YIN & Restorative Flow 1

8:15pm Wendi - All level Vinyasa 1&2


9:30am Wendi - Stecth & Flow 1&2

10:45am Mama & Me Shannon

(preregistration required)

6 wk Program 

 [email protected]

12:30pm - Brigitte - Chair Yoga 1

4:15pm Elaine - Kids Yoga


(preregistration required)

Elaine : [email protected]

5:30pm Wendi - All Level Vinyasa 1&2

7pm lauren - Power Flow 2

8:15pm Emma - Yin Yang 1


9:30am Heather - All level Vinyasa 1&2

10:45am Brigitte - YIN 1

4:30pm Elaine - Youth Yoga


(preregistration required)

Elaine : [email protected]

5:45pm - Shannon-Prenatal yoga 

(Preregistration required)

6wk program

[email protected]



9:30am Whitney - Slow Flow 1

10:45am Emma- HIIT Yoga 1&2


9:30am - Whitney- Soulful Sunday 1&2

10:45am Kim - 20/20/20

6:15pm Kelly - YIN 1

7:30pm Maria - iRest Yoga Nirdra

Class Description

All Level Vinyasa  level 1&2

All levels welcome 

This all Level class allows you to link your movement and breath while flowing through a continuous sequence.

The continuous movement allows you body to feel free and open

Slow Flow level 1

Enjoy a full body stretch while flow through a slow peaceful vinyasa. This class will slow down your mind, body and breath to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Stretch & Flow level 1&2

Slowing down your flow and focusing on certain areas of the body to be able to get deeper into your pose.

If you wish to go deeper into your poses then Wendi uses hands on assists and adjustments to achieve a deeper stretch.

You entire body will feel open and free after this class.

YIN level 1

Targets fascia and connective tissues to support joint stability.  Most poses are done close to the earth and held for 3-5 minutes giving the body a opportunity to open and release.

Core & Back Stability  level 1&2

This class will focus on core & back stability.

Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony.

This will help with better balance and stability in your practice and daily life.

Concentrating on these areas can also help with back pain, better posture and well-being.

Being able to move more freely and feeling more stable.

HIIT Yoga level 1&2

High Intensity Interval Training

Cardio based Yoga sequence

A cardiovascular exercise alternating short intervals of anaerobic exercises followed by less activity intervals for recovery.

Each interval is 30-45 seconds

All levels welcome

Go at your own pace

Modifications always offered

Cardiovascular workout

Strength training

Increase metabolism

Core awareness



Soulful Sunday Level 1&2

Feeling free on your mat is a beautiful feeling.

Soulful yoga allows you to internalize your practice.

Empowering you to cultivate a deep sense of awareness physically, mentally and emotionally.

This class invites your body to feel free, your mind and soul to open naturally through the trusted guidance of the teacher.

Gentle Flow level 1

Ending the night right with this gentle class.  Taking the time to transition between poses allows you to feel the benefits and concentrate on your breathe work.  Opening of the hips amd back body will help you rest and have a more restful sleep.

YIN & Restorative Flow Level 1

A floor based practice suitable for all levels, combining Yin (good for fascia, ligaments & tendons) and Restorative yoga (relaxing, calming and use of props).  This class will give you a full body stretch while helping you feel rested and  rejuvenated.

Yin Yang Level 1 

Blending two popular styles of yoga into one practice.

Starting the class with Yin poses while the muscles are cool. This allows your body to slowly soak deeper into the connective tissues, fascia and ligaments.

Ending the class with a Yang practice that develops muscular strength, balance and flexibility.

Mindfull Movement 

This class involves a combination of holding stretches and moving through postures with a meditative awareness called mindfulness. Mindfulness can be defined as intentionally paying attention to our experience in the present moment with an open mind and accepting attitude. In this class, you can expect to stretch and flow, while linking breath with movement and working on balance and strength. This all levels class will encourage you to connect to yourself, focus on your breath and honor your body.


20 minutes of heart pumping moves to get the body warm.

20 minutes of muscle toning and strengthening.

20 minutes of yoga and relaxation.

Power Play 

This class is playful and free flowing meaning you will be flowing at your own pace and level.

The instructor will give you multiple poses to flow in and also play with different variations.

You will also play with different inversions and arm balances during the practice.

Chair Yoga 

Chair yoga is a gentle mindful practice in which postures are performed while seated in a chair, also can be performed standing using a chair for support.

Chair yoga is great for individuals who find a typical yoga class challenging.

This class is also beneficial if you have limited mobility. 

level 1 

Beginner Friendly

Slow Flow 

Gentle Flow  


YIN and Restorative Flow

Yoga Nidra 

Mindful Movement 

Yin Yang 

Chair Yoga 

Senior Movement 


*Beginner Friendly 

*All class offer modification 

*Use of props are used to make your practice more accessible 

Level 1 & 2

All Level Vinyasa 

Stretch & Flow 

Mindful Movement 

Power Play 


*These classes are all level


Fitness Style Flow

Power Flow


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